Flexible Printed Circuits

FSCI manufactures Flexible Printed Circuits or FPCs. FPC's are thin and light weight wiring components with electronic circuits printed on flexible film.

  • Characteristics of FPC

     Reduce the size and weight of electronic components.

     Reduce wiring cost and eliminates miswiring.

     Improve wiring reliability

     Make high density wiring possible

     Can be used for applications requiring mobility due to its superior flexibility

     Give a wider range of possible wiring designs

  • Application of FPC

     Hard Disc Drives, Optical Disc Drives and other Computer Peripherals

     Mobile Phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), Pagers and other Communication Equipment

     Cameras, Car Stereos and Measurement Equipment

     Compact Disc Players, Video Tape Recorders and other Audio Equipment

     Printers, Fax Machines and other Office Automation Equipment