Corporate Values

FSCI employees are guided by a set of core values, which have been published and disseminated to all employees. These values are manifested in their behavior at all levels of the organization. These are:

    Customer Satisfaction

We ensure that our products and services delight our customers. We are expected to: know who our customers are (internal and external); understand, satisfy and exceed the needs of our customers; provide quick and appropriate response to customer requirements; and, earn and keep our customers' trust.

    Ownership and Commitment

We always do our best and regard the company's interest as our own. We are expected to: practice professional ways to meet work commitments at all times; understand, share, and accept responsibilities and accountabilities; involve ourselves actively in company activities; and, provide suggestions that will be to the best interest of the company.


We strictly follow and respect the company's rules and regulations. We are expected to: know, understand and comply with the company rules and regulations; show proper decorum and set a good example for others; provide prompt response and actions to queries, requests, and projects; and, complete all work on time, all the time.


We work together and achieve mutual goals. We are expected to: study and understand the company goals; participate actively in activities that would lead to meeting company goals; know, understand and complement our co-workers' strengths and weaknesses; and, appreciate each other's contributions.


We are honest in our work and follow ethical practices all the time. We are expected to: meet our commitments; provide accurate and honest work reports and information; recognize and accept our weaknesses, and work towards improving these; and, complete all tasks assigned to us, and even exceed these.

    Continuous Improvement

We always seek a better way of doing things. We are expected to: ensure that all work is done at the highest quality and accomplished at the fastest time; continually seek improvements in work processes; accept both suggestions and constructive criticism, as we continually seek improvements in our work processes; and, always try to go beyond our assigned tasks.

    Respect for each other

We respect each co-worker, regardless of nationality, gender, or position in the company. We are expected to: appreciate individual and cultural differences; and, listen, seek to understand and give due consideration to other perspectives.